The wedding gallery of the 20th century

Receive the best gift possible from your guests - a day to remember! With help of your guests, you'll capture all the amazing moments from the best day of your life!

Happily Benefits

There a many reasons for using Happily and this is the main one

By using Happily you'll get a unique experience of your wedding and a way to remember every single part of it now and forever.



In order to capture images from your wedding, you must first create one. Each happy couple will have their own wedding page within Happily that is beautiful, practical and most of all counts down the days to the big day.

One for the guests

All of your guests gets a beautiful welcoming!


Watch as your big day come closer and closer!

Share easily

Share your wedding easily using your QR code!



This is your own and personal wedding gallery that contains all the photos from your guests. Enjoy them in privite or share them to the world!

Private and secure

All photos are stored securly for you to access at any time and any where!

Unlimited photos

As a wedding gift you can store unlimited numbers of photos with Happily!

Download everything

You can download photos one by one or a whole collection at once, it's up to you!


Here's what our customers said

Some of the Happy Couples thought that Happily was so good that they took the time to give us a review. Here is what they thought.

A perfect compliment for me as a wedding photographer!

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My son got married and used the app and for me, a guest, it was smooth and simple to share the images I took. Super useful!

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Fantastic app! So fun to see all the wedding photos from the guest's perspective! Nice work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A wedding you'll never forget!

Happily makes it simple and effortless to gather all photos your wonderful guests will take from your big day so install Happily today!

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